The best CCTV deals 2023

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In 2023, you have the opportunity to choose a tailor-made video surveillance offer, or order a kit. Your purchase can be wired, connected or home automation. It can be a complete video-surveillance kit , or unitary equipment among the cameras, the screen, the recorder and the hard disk. Many other devices are added to these solutions, such as the presence detector, etc. Many accessories also exist, such as video sockets, connectors, cords, etc.

The best CCTV solution in 2023 totally depends on your needs and budget. To choose the right system, consider several criteria such as camera type, resolution, image quality, connectivity, cloud storage, security and ease of installation.

Urmet Video Surveillance Kit

Video surveillance technologies have been constantly evolving for the past 4 years, which is why the solution you buy online must be at the cutting edge of technological advancements. In 2023, professionals advise Extel and Urmet for a system that better adapts to the needs of the tertiary sector, shops and hotels, as well as the monitoring of storage places.

How to choose the best security camera for your specific needs?

CCTV requires a good camera. Whatever the solution – complete protection system, connected doorbell or outdoor station – always buy one of the most popular brands, to be sure that you are ordering quality products. Above all, they offer a variety of features and technologies to meet the specific needs of users. As well as depending on your ease with your equipment, only well-known brands guarantee you excellent remote support, and availability to answer questions from installers or users.

In your comparison, consider looking at both smart doorbells and systems that work with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Siri voice commands. Some CCTV hardware offerings are quite simple, with a motion sensor that sends a push notification to your smartphone when the products detect motion. While others come with features like recording for professional monitoring, or cloud storage that saves you from having to sift through hours of footage.

CCTV equipment in 2023

To properly prepare your video surveillance project, distinguish indoor cameras from outdoor equipment. Some products offer indoor/outdoor versatility, which affects the price of the solution. Don’t be fooled by 2023 sales pitches, there is no such thing as a complete protection system with a camera whose storage options would be free, a small budget, an excellent score in supposed tests.

The truth is a good CCTV solution has Wifi security camera, live view with HD video quality, motion detection, night vision, decent app.

If you don’t want cloud, buy a CCTV camera that has a built-in microSD card slot . Conversely, if you want storage in the brand’s cloud, and the description of the security hardware points to a microSD card included or sold separately, check that the product allows this solution. It happens that the material offers both, which is not a systematic rule.

What are the best home CCTV systems?

Many consumers wonder if all CCTV systems use Wi-Fi? The answer is negative, not all solutions require this connection. Some systems may use network cables to transmit images and data, while others may use a cellular connection or local wireless network.

If you prefer a network cable to install CCTV for home use, professionals recommend using Cat5e or Cat6 Ethernet cables . These cables offer faster transmission speeds and better signal quality than older cables, which is essential for reliable transmission of video images. Other cables, such as coaxial cables, can also be used, they are generally a little more expensive and offer lower transmission speeds.

Not all home CCTV products are created equal, especially when it comes to installation. The best deals are those from Somfy and Delta Dore, which are enough to protect your home and/or office from intruders, and alert you when suspicious activity is detected.

Somfy outdoor surveillance camera

If you want an automation solution for your home or office, these brands will not only help protect your home from intruders with CCTV, but can also detect indoor security threats, such as preventing water damage and fires.

For a complete video surveillance offer, the camera alone is not enough. Buy a kit instead. Ideally, a complete system includes a base station, keypad, panic button, wireless siren, smoke detector, water detector, temperature sensor, entry sensors and motion sensors , glass breakage detectors, interior or exterior cameras and appropriate signage.

The connected video doorbell

A doorbell or street station equipped with the video function can be used as a video surveillance and security system. It consists of a camera that records images or videos, either automatically or on demand, also an audio system that allows you to hear and speak to the person in front of the door.

If you’re concerned about protecting outdoor areas, like your garden, porch, or garage, pros recommend buying at least 3 cameras for indoor and outdoor mounting. Each camera must offer a field of view of 160°, and record images in HD video.

Urmet CCTV Camera

The weatherproof cameras are wireless, easy to install and powered by rechargeable batteries. The major brands mentioned above provide delivery with an anti-theft support. You can check CCTV feeds anytime, day or night, and even zoom in if needed. Plus, their technologies feature color night vision, making them a great option for vulnerable outdoor spaces.

If you buy a CCTV package online, see if it includes a charging station, security key, batteries and screw kits. Ideally, it should include a sign that you can place in your yard to warn potential intruders that your home is being watched.

Buy a professional CCTV system

A good professional CCTV system is distinguished by its ability to provide high quality images and a large amount of detail, as well as by the monitor and accessories such as the recorder or the hard disk. The material aspect takes precedence by its quality and the accessories, which the 2 major brands Extel and Urmet guarantee.

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